Frequently Asked Questions about Neuropathy

Frequently Asked Questions about Neuropathy

A majority of people do not fully understand the concept neuropathy even though millions of people do currently suffer from it. Injuries to the nerves and diabetes are the two leading causes of neuropathy. If you wish to know more about neuropathy, you can consult a naturopathic nyc or visit a clinic that specializes in neuropathy. Below are a few frequently asked questions and their general answers to help you get an idea of what neuropathy is all about.

What Is Peripheral Neuropathy?

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Peripheral neuropathy is a general term used by experts to refer to the disorders that occur as a result of damages to the peripheral nervous system. The peripheral nervous system is what sends messages from the brain and spinal cord to the rest of the body, which includes the hands, legs, organs, joints, and the skin, among others. The same system also relays information from the various body parts back to the spinal cord and the brain.

When the nerves get damaged is when you get peripheral neuropathic symptoms. The symptoms can be on and off as the condition progresses slowly over several years. However, the condition can be controlled if a diagnosis is made early.

What Are The Common Causes Of Peripheral Neuropathy?

Peripheral neuropathy can be caused by various things, which includes diabetes, autoimmune disease, hereditary disorders, protein abnormalities, inflammation, physical trauma, and compression.

In other cases, a patient may experience neuropathic symptoms due to alcoholism, poor nutrition, and exposure to medication such as those used in cancer chemotherapy. There are some rare cases where the causes of neuropathy in a patient may be unknown even after an in-depth evaluation.

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Which Parts of the Body are Mostly Affected By Peripheral Neuropathy?

Neuropathy can affect all the areas in your body except for the brain and the central nervous system. This is because all other parts of the body do have peripheral nerves and can thus be affected. In a majority of cases, however, it usually affects the extremities such as the legs and hands.

Can Peripheral Neuropathy Be Cured?

Some forms of peripheral neuropathy, if diagnosed early, can be cured. In other cases, the symptoms of the condition can be managed effectively using various treatments. The neuropathy therapies are aimed at treating the problem or underlying causes of the disease. If diabetes is the cause, for example, managing the blood sugar levels and the diabetes condition itself should be the first form of treatment.

Surprising health benefits associated with aloe vera

Surprising health benefits associated with aloe vera

Aloe vera is a health herb that is widely used in different parts of the World. People have been using it as a powerful herb for the last 6,000 years. Its origin can be traced back to Sudan. This plant was widely used by the ancient Spanish, Egyptians, Italians, Persians, Indians and Africans due to its great virtues. It thrives well in dry and warm climates. Its benefits include alleviating menstrual problems, preventing diabetes, inhibiting cancerous growth, promoting hair growth, reducing oxidative stress, curing nausea.

This herb is also used in healing wounds, reducing arthritis pain, healing wounds, strengthening the immune system, promoting hair growth, soothing acid flux, as well as healing the side effects associated with radiotherapy treatments. Additionally, this plant is useful in lowering the cholesterol level, improving cardiovascular health, enhancing lifespan, curing gum diseases and alleviating muscle and joint pain. Its main health benefits are mainly attributed to the presence of essential amino acids and other useful compounds.

The following surprising health benefits associated with aloe vera. You should make an effort of including the products of aloe vera in your regular diet plan.


Boosting the immune system

Aloe vera juice is used in making beverages that have natural detoxifying properties. These beverages are useful in cleansing the circulatory and digestive system. By increasing the absorption of nutrient, aloe vera will promote blood circulation as well as improving the nutritional quality. Its products are also known for their strong ability in neutralizing the harmful bacteria.

Improving digestion

Its adaptogenic properties are helpful in promoting the proper functioning of the digestive system. It is also useful in ensuring better absorption of nutrients as well as eliminating the harmful elements from the body through smooth excretion. Having a healthy digestive system will positively affect your actions and thoughts thereby promoting the overall health of your body. In addition to that, its products are also helpful in curing gastrointestinal conditions and irritable bowel syndrome. This, in turn, keeps piles and constipation from damaging the digestive system. Aloe vera is also loaded with essential compounds known as polysaccharides which are effective in curing ulcers and other digestive disorders.

Promoting hair growth

This herb has been proven to be effective in promoting the natural growth of the hair. It is widely used in making hair products that encourage the growth of a healthy and voluminous hair. It6s gel can also be applied to the scalp as a treatment for hair loss. Shampoos made from aloe vera are helpful in improving the circulation of blood thus keeping you from mental strain and stress.