Guide to Buying Trekking Watches

Guide to Buying Trekking Watches

Trekking watches are unique in that they are built with GPS tracking devices and features that are effective for various outdoor activities such as hiking and camping. In the past, these watches were quite expensive. However, with modern technological advances, they are now fairly priced and easily accessible. The GPS capabilities are a favorite to many; nonetheless, there are some people who’d prefer to have these watches without the same.

trekking watchesA few features incorporated into the average trekking watch would be calendar dates, world time, temperature reader, altimeter, barometer, and compass. Other trekking watches can also be synced to a smartphone. This feature ensures that the user enjoys various smart features such as email, app, and access to messages. There are many factors to consider while choosing a trekking watch. All these factors will depend on a person’s taste and what the manufacturer has to offer. Here are seven important things to consider and look out for while choosing an ideal trekking watch:

Who is the Manufacturer?

Trekking watch manufacturers are plenty, and each has its own signature style and features. Some popular market giants are: Apple, Casio, Suunto, Garmin, Freestyle Shark, Atrek, Tissot, MTM and Axio. Write down the features that you’d like and do your research on which manufacturer best provides a trekking watch with the same.

What is Your Budget?

Your budget is a guide on how much you can spend on a trekking watch. It will also help you choose a favorable manufacturer with a trekking watch that has all your desired features at a good price.

Is the Watch GPS Enabled or Not?

As mentioned earlier, the GPS feature is never something to fuss about. You may choose a trekking watch with or without this feature. If you intend to venture into outdoor areas that are not familiar, you may need a watch with this feature enabled just to be safe than sorry.

Does it Have a Barometer?

A barometer is a device used to measure air pressure. In the outdoors, the air pressure varies, and if the pressure is too high or too low, it may affect your health.

Does It Have a Compass?

Get a trekking watch with a compass that will guide you on which directions you should or should not take.

Is it Built with a Setting that Reads Various World Time Zones?

It’s a watch, right, and the time is all that matters. Hiking watches with a variety of world time zones help you adjust to the region’s timing no matter how far away you are.

Does It Have an Inbuilt Thermometer?

If you venture into the outdoors, you’ll notice that the temperatures tend to vary. Some places are hot while others are cold. Having a watch with an inbuilt thermometer will help you keep any temperature changes in check.

Other Bonus Features to Look Out For

Some bonus features to consider would be: tides, moon phase, and solar power.