Guide to Minimalist Packing When Traveling

When it comes to your minimalist travel packing list, one thing that makes it easier to think about the big picture, when you travel, you want intimate socks every day, but remember that you want to think about things you take with you. Another process that will help you determine which things are indispensable and which can be left behind is to consider whether you are packing for a long-term trip or a short trip. The items you take with you will help you make your journey smooth and accessible, but you must have habits to cut out that to your routine temporarily making you an Expert Vagabond.

Free Your Luggage Space for Other Important Things

luggage suitcase outfitThe trick with clothes for minimalist travel is that when you travel from place to place, you have to wear the things that would take up the most space in your pocket. You can bring several travel items along instead, such as jeans, a T-shirt, and a jacket. Be sure to wear jeans, boots and a button-down shirt on travel days, but don’t wear trousers in the heat. This means wearing shorts instead of shorts, a T-shirt or jacket or even a shirt and tie.

Limit Your Shoes

Shoes are bulky and could take up space from your luggage. Packing shoes for the journey can be a nightmare, so it is safe to limit yourself to one or two pairs. If you are on a short trip, you should be able to make do with a pair of hiking boots. Your journey requires a lot of walking, so you’ll need a great pair of light hiking boots to complement your minimalist packing list. If you wear one, bring a pair of flip-flops, wear them for the entire trip, and then bring them with you for a few days.

Use a Smaller Bag

brush eye shadowEverything you pack must fit in a small handbag – on a suitcase or carrying bag and no more than a few small items such as shoes, a backpack, or a travel bag. The first step to becoming a genuine minimalist is to lessen the number of toiletries and make-up you take on your trip. Instead of carrying a bundle of different types of make-up, bring a compact make-up that can fit inside your small bag and wear exactly what you know you’re going to use. Instead of bringing individual products with you, try to get multi-use products for your travels.

Bottom Line

Avoid saying “just in case” when packing, as this will cause you to carry around too many things that you do not use, and it will cause you to overload your luggage. The key to being a professional minimalist is to be versatile and get the best out of every piece you take.