Effective ways of reducing the carbon footprint

The process of reducing the carbon footprint involves offsetting the unavoidable carbon dioxide emissions. High levels of carbon emissions contribute to global warming and climate change. These effects have a negative impact on both plant and animal life. Investing in cleaner energy sources is one of the great ways of reducing the carbon footprint.


Planting more trees

This is one of the effective ways of offsetting of becoming carbon neutral and offsetting the carbon footprint. Trees are helpful in absorbing carbon dioxide and producing wood and oxygen. The products obtained from trees are useful for other animals and humans. It is estimated that every tree saves the environment by absorbing one tonne of carbon dioxide over its lifetime.

Riding a bike

This is another useful concept that is underused in different parts of the world. Apart from saving the planet, riding is an activity that will help you in burning more calories thereby keeping your body healthy.


Buying local

Individuals are encouraged to buy the locally manufactured goods to sustain their local economies. Locally produced goods are also fresher as compared to the imported goods that have to be transported using trucks across long distances. Trucks are known for expending a lot of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide gases.

Using fluorescent light bulbs

light bulbs

These are energy efficient bulbs. They are used as a suitable replacement for the incandescent light bulbs. Even if they are expensive, they are helpful in saving pounds of carbon emissions. In addition to that, these bulbs are more durable as compared to the conventional bulbs.


Reversing the ceiling fan’s direction in winter

You will always find the warm air rising from the central heating system to fill the upper areas of your rooms and then work its way gradually towards the level of the floor. This will make your heating system s to run continuously leading to uneven heating and waste of energy. Reversing the direction of current flow in the motor will help you in reversing its direction of rotation. This will facilitate the mixing of the cooler air and hot air in your room, especially at the floor level. The mixing of air will also help in equalizing the temperatures at ceiling and floor levels thus making the room more comfortable. Besides, this is another great way of saving money and energy.

Turning off the TV and lights when leaving the room

It is always advisable to unplug the electronics when they are not in use. Electronic devices such as stereo, home computer system, cable box, TV are known for using some power even when they are turned off.