Qualities Every Great Event Planner Should Possess

Qualities Every Great Event Planner Should Possess

Event planning is a gratifying career, but it is not easy. It has been ranked as one of the most stressful professions. Thus one needs to possess some unique qualities to thrive in this industry. Besides events planning skills and knowledge, one’s personality is a significant determinant of how successful you become in the industry. With this in mind, here are the qualities every great event planner needs to possess.

Attention to Details

When planning corporate events, attention to details is a must. The corporate planner must know how to keep time at its best. This is what separates great event planners from others. Planners need to remember details such as times, dates, locations, types of décor, seating arrangements, etc. Considerable attention to more information ensures that all aspects are captured properly, and the event ends up as the client wished.


The most significant event planners are those who defy odds and do things differently. A high level of creativity and innovation ensure that each event is unique and people are left in awe. Great event planners need to be people who enjoy solving problems instead of running away from them. A planner needs to listen to the clients’ ideas and creatively put them together to have a successful event.

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Properly Organized

An event planner could be having tons of things to do at the same time. It’s crazy doing so without expecting errors in some. Thus, a great event planner needs to be appropriately organized to ensure everything runs smoothly and on time. Multi-tasking and proper organization skills are crucial in guaranteeing smooth planning as well as the effective execution of the event. It is necessary for the planner to have a checklist and a foolproof system for each type of event.

Passion and Dedication

With all the stress associated with the job, one must love what they do for them to thrive in the industry. The passion helps one to overcome the challenges and stay calm amidst difficulties. Other qualities can be learned, but love comes from within.

What is passion without dedication? For one to be a great event planner dedication needs to go hand in hand with love. This is because event planning needs a lot of energy and time.


In most cases, event planners end up acting as the link between the event owners and vendors, suppliers, and every other person involved in the event. Things rarely turn out as planned, and a great event planner needs to adapt to changes quickly.

People Skills

Event planners talk to different people with different personalities. They interact with suppliers, vendors, caterers, sponsors, and clients. Thus a great event planner needs to relate well to all these people in a professional manner. One also needs to be confident enough when interacting with high-end clients. One also needs to handle conflicts and rude clients easily.

Excellent Communication Skills

event organizingA great event planner is firm, clear and kind in how they pass information to other people. One needs to be clear to ensure that everyone knows the expectations. They also have to be kind and respectful to everyone irrespective of their social class, race, or personality. A great event planner knows that the event’s success comes from teamwork. Thus, one needs to be firm but clear.

As you look for a great event planner, ensure that they possess these traits. Take your time to find one, and you will not be disappointed.