The Piscataway Nation Current Events

Urgent COINTELPRO Provocateur ALERT

Recently there has been an unprecedented Cointelpro-type attack on the Tayac family. The attack is being coordinated by Janet Cavallo of Philadelphia and Matt Menier, AKA Matt Hill, AKA GoodLeaf, AKA Kenarahdijoh and his wannabe wife, Dawn Devere, AKA Dawn Hill. His real name is Matt Menier, but uses his mother's Mohawk last name which is Hill, and has hidden that fact for over 10 years.

For the last three decades, whenever a major native incident has occurred, the Tayac family has worked diligently with the native people here in Washington, DC, and has coordinated same day support action in Central America, South America, Canada, and Europe. Wounded Knee, Ganienkeh, the Salvadorian Massacres, Oka, Big Mountain, and Gustafsen Lake are a few examples of the Tayac family dedication to the Native struggle.

Janet Cavallo is known as a person who causes dissension and chaos in Philadelphia. Menier and his wife have used his brother's reputation to infiltrate the Indian Movement. He has been suspected and accused of embezelling LISN funds by many long-time activists, when Menier operated the NYC office Dawn Devere came onto the scene in the 1990's as a white woman that wanted an Indian man. She later claimed to be Ojibwa and at other times, a Kickapoo Indian. Both Menier and his wife worked at the Buffalo Indian Center, and left under a cloud of suspicion. The people in Tayac Territory respected that she was the companion of Menier but the LISN people never accepted her as an Indian.

The Tayac family has a longstanding friendly relationship with John Hill, AKA Dacajewiah (Splitting the Sky) and this is the basis for the acceptance of his half-brother, Menier.

In Mashpee, MA at the LISN conference, a communication division of LISN was established, and within 90 days, a rivalry began between Jason Corwin, and Menier and his wife who was not a member of the LISN communication division. Menier and his wife created a web site for LISN and later acted like the LISN web site belongs solely to them. Janet Cavallo, a non-Indian ally of LISN, began to work with Jason Corwin on the production of the Chief Turkey Tayac film, "The Flickering Flame." Janet, an older woman, became infatuated with the younger Jason Corwin, and when she discovered that Jason was in a relationship with a woman, she became insanely jealous. She started to correspond with the Meniers, and became a "Tayac hater," because the Tayacs's would not turn on Jason.

While this was occurring, a racist anti-Indian student by the name of Thomas Ford Brown was hired by certain persons to discredit the Tayac family. He composed his propaganda and placed it on the Internet. Menier and his wife, seeing it, began their Cointelpro-type activities by distributing Brown's racist paper everywhere possible, in an effort to destroy the reputation of the Tayac Family.

The Tayacs received an urgent appeal for Chief Esquino in El Salvador seeking immediate aid and assistance for 400 native families that were homeless because of the earthquake. The CONAIE organization of Equiador also requested assistance in posting information on the LISN web site about the imprisonment and shooting of Native people in Equaidor. Menier and his wife ignored both requests.

Billy Tayac had requested the access codes for the LISN web site on many occasions from Menier and his wife, because they were not keeping the LISN site updated. Menier told another LISN member, Ben Carnes, that he would give Billy the codes. After many emails and phone calls, Menier finally telephoned the Tayacs and informed them that the LISN site had been taken down. Upon investigation, it was discovered that Menier and his wife and ordered the LISN site down.

The alliance between Menier, his wife, Janet Cavallo and Thomas Brown has intensified recently with the addition of Linda Lemonde AKA Ishgodda of NativeNews. Lemonde lives in Michigan and is an unrecognized non-enrolled Wyandot Indian. Due to her friendship with Menier's wife, she has joined the Cointelpro-type conspiracy, unwittingly or knowingly, and posted links to the Brown's anti-Tayac material found on the Internet. She has been previously suspected of disseminating misinformation and Cointelpro-like propaganda on Native people. Thomas Brown, the author of the smear paper, typifies the Cointelpro actions of earlier years. He has neither credibility nor credentials, and cites other racist authors, including himself.

These are non-Indians trying to define who is an Indian. The Tayac family has put their lives on the line many times with the Native struggles in this hemisphere. Isn't it time that native people define themselves, and not be defined by outsiders who disseminate lies and distortions?

Please distribute this urgent alert